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The island of Penang
in Malaysia is very well
known for her heritage
buildings and delicious
food. There is history and
culture along pretty much
every street that you
walk along and almost
every eatery serves
amazing food that people
are often willing to queue
for. There is, however, so
much more happening on
this island, with new and
exciting places to visit.
Reuben Miranda
had the
opportunity to find out
what this island, which
complements the old
with the new, has up her
Symbiotic Island
1950s and the Toy Heritage Museum,
which holds over 70,000 toys and dolls.
Lovers of comics, the Penang Asia
Comic Cultural Museum is the place
to visit. This museum, covering 13,000
square feet, is a Penang state govern-
ment project that is managed by the
Penang Youth Development Corporation.
Divided up into sections, there are com-
ics from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia,
Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore,
Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan.
first glance, Penang
still looks like it has
not gone through any
changes. The pace of
life is the same, the
roads are still busy,
p o s s i b l y g e t t i n g
busier. The traffic, however, is not as
bad as it is in Kuala Lumpur. The food is
still good and the charming mix of new
and heritage buildings is still … well …
charming. The island, however, has not
been sitting idle and has been hard at
work introducing even more activities
and unique places to visit.
Comic Culture
For those who may be bored with ‘tra-
ditional’ museums, Penang has the
answer. There are many ‘alternative’
museums that have mushroomed on the
island. Some of these include the Camera
Museum, Georgetown, where there are
close to 200 cameras from different eras
on display, The Batik Painting Museum
Penang, which charts the development
of batik painting in Malaysia since the
The Penang Asia Comic
Cultural Museum, covering
13,000 square feet, is a Penang
state government project
Just one of the
interesting things to see
at the Comic Museum
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Penang fromvarious
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