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The IBMClient Innovation CentRE in Cyberjaya, Malaysia has been a supportive partner to
Malaysia’s efforts in building a competitive andmodern GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES hub. It
operates 24/7, serving clients in different time zones. Because of this, almost half of its
employeeswork from3 pm to 6 am. The GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES (GBS) sector promises solid
career choices for youngMalaysians, with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
GBS Division playing a key role inmoving the country’s GBS industry up the value chain tomeet
her aspiration to be a high-income nation by 2020.
did the night shift be-
came popular at the Client
Innovation Center? There
are multiple reasons. Some
employees are assigned to
specific roles that require them to serve
clients in a different time zone. For these
people, the advantages are enormous
as they have the opportunity to work
alongside people from different cultures.
to work and share skills and experiences
that are unique from the local practice.
Others opt for the night shift because
of personal preference. One of the most
popular reasonsat thecenter istheoppor-
tunity to take care of their children during
theday. Parents find it easy, cost effective
and more manageable. In this way, they
can watch their children grow, and at the
same time, earn an income to support the
family. Call them Super Moms and Dads!
And, of course, wedohave the singles and
bachelorswhoare justnotmorningpeople.
They are much more active and efficient
at sundown.
Plus, at IBM, al l employees have the
privilege of working from home based on
specific roles and reasons and night shift
is the great alternative. However, to work
from home, internet connection must be
stable and their clients are not impacted
by the arrangement. Last but not least,
employeesworking indifferent timezones
have an additional benefit called Shift
Allowance, which is always a welcome
So, here’s what IBMers like best about
working owl hours!
Rajinder Dhariwal, Programme Manager
“Peaceful and serene environment lets me focus and
be more attentive to my work.”
Naveen Kumar, Operations Lead
“A trust built by the Managers for me to make
decisions independently”
Welling Chang, IBM Certified Project Manager
“Pain-free commute to work as I am able to avoid
massive morning traffic.”
Kartikgaayan Dhanabalan, Programme Manager
“I love the convenience to attend to my daily
errands without rush.”
Sharanjit Kaur, Project Manager
“I am able to jog during the day when the weather
is beautiful. It is a stress reliever.”
Faiz Rusli, Software Distribution Pool Rep.
“Opportunity to shine and climb the ladder is higher
with fewer people on the night shift.”
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