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Hannef Esquander
wanders around Ampang
to check out all the hot
spots that make the
district popular among
KLites as the go-to place
to chill and hang out.
A resident of Zoo Negara
Bukit Saga Waterfall is a great place to
rest during a hike
, Am-
pang was a tin mining
town located partly
in Kuala Lumpur and
Selangor. The Kuala
Lumpur area can be
identified as being
along the Ampang Road and Ampang
Hilir. When Raja Abdullah opened up
the Klang Valley for tin mining back in
1857, Chinese miners from Lukut were
sent to Kuala Lumpur to work. They
discovered Ampang through a jungle
path and began prospecting in the area.
The first tin was exported in 1859 and it
has been said that the development of
Kuala Lumpur has a lot to do with the
success of tin mining at Ampang.
What A Zoo
Ampang, which means ‘dam’ in Bahasa
Melayu, has quite a number of attrac-
tions to offer. National Zoo of Malaysia
Zoo Negara
is located just 10 minutes
away from Ampang. It is currently home
to 5137 animals of 459 different species.
Zoo Negara
is now an open concept zoo
with over 90% of its animals kept in
altogether 16 exhibits with landscapes
befitting their natural habitats. Reptile
Park, Malaysian Elephants, Savannah
Walk and Insect Zoo are some of the
exhibits to check out at the zoo.
For those who like adventure, Saga
(Bukit Saga)
is definitely worth
exploring. It is a very popular trek used