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W o r d s :
S a r a h R e e s
cannot blame travel-
lers for thinking only of
Langkawi when Kedah is
mentioned, as the world-re-
nowned tourist destination
is the jewel of this northerly
state, attracting thousands
of holidaymakers from all over the world each
year. Indeed there is every reason to spend a
good chunk of a Kedah trip on the island of
Langkawi, with its winning combination of
beautiful beaches and bustling towns.
Ancient Wonders
What else can Kedah offer those with the time
and inclination to explore further? The state,
which sits in the northern corner of Peninsula
Malaysia, on the border with Thailand, is
known as the ‘rice bowl’ of the country, thanks
to producing around a third of Malaysia’s rice.
It is a fact you cannot forget when travers-
ing the area, as paddy fields dominate the
landscape and is a reminder that people still
toil the land to feed the nation.
Historically, Kedah is an interesting pros-
pect, as the area housed an ancient civilisa-
tion. Ruins are dated back to the 4
and evidence has been found to suggest it was
a centre of trade for the region until the 12
century. Many archaeological finds unearthed
in the Bujang Valley area have been carefully
preserved and are on display at a dedicated
museum. The surrounding areas boast the
remains of archaic structures, offering visitors
a chance to walk amid history.
Kedahmay be home to the
much-beloved Langkawi
island, but do notmiss the
other attractions thatmake
this state one of themost
fascinating thatMalaysia has
to offer.
The Island
Langkawi is the jewel of Kedah,
but move beyond the beach to get
a richer insight into this state
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Langkawi from
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