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checksout five pet-friendly restaurantswhere humansand their
furry, four-leggedcompanionsare alwayswelcome.
Furkid Fri endly
Boathouse at TTDI is a restaurant and bar that serves a
menu of local and Continental dishes. This restaurant is
owned by Chef Yenni Law and is a great place to dine out
with your pets. Dogs definitely come out on top here as
they are given free doggy treats and you can even request
a cooked meal for your pet. Other than the non-smoking
areas, pets are allowed to dine inside and upstairs.
Dog-lovers in Puchong can now have
their meals with their furkids at this
pet-friendly restaurant. From3D cakes
for your dog’s birthday to a dedicated
play area and dog related-merchandise
for sale, this a wonderful place to be for
all pooch lovers. The cafe’s pastries and
desserts are delicious, and it is also able
to cater for large parties.
B ow Wow C a f e
B oat h o u s e at T T D I ( Ta m a n T u n D r I s m a i l )