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hidden inside a pre-war
shophouse in Chinatown,
PS150 is one of Kuala
Lumpur’s hippest bars
that is making waves among nightbirds.
Formerly a brothel and warehouse, the
renovated premises showcase different
periods of Indochina in three separate
seating areas. Enter the Opium Den, a
dimly lit corridor with private booths for
guests to mingle cosily. Further inside
is an open-air courtyard that fits more
people, before arriving at the highly
stylised bar with an Oriental look.
Luscious Lychee
Friendly staff members provide attentive
service and the cocktail menu is divided
into five eras: Vintage (1850s-1910s),
Classic (1920s-1930s), Tiki (1940s-1960s),
Disco (1970s-2000s) and Contemporary
(late 2000s-present). Despite the menu
changing every quarterly, it remains fo-
cused on creative Asian-inspired cocktails.
hits the streets to
sample the delicious beverage
concoctions that are being
served in a bar that has a
slightly dubious history.
It Up
150, Petal ing Street, KuAla Lumpur. Tel : +603 2022 2888
The current best selling concoction is
Lychee No. 3
, combining London dry gin,
fresh lime, ginger flower, lychee liqueur
and syrup. It has a unique floral finishing
from the ginger flower and London dry
gin, and is less sweet than the classic
Lychee Martini
. In fact, the former is
so well prepared it does not need any
additional infusions.
Also in demand is the vodka-based
Salty Chinaman
; its strong tangy flavours
come from preserved orange peel, lime,
orange bitters, lime and lemonade. Its
equivalent is
Salty Nihon-san
which uses
, a Japanese distilled beverage,
instead, giving the tall cocktail a dry
To further tickle your fancy, the bar-
tenders will whip up treats not listed in the
menu. Just specify your preferred alcohol
base and taste profile – whether it is fruity,
citrusy, bitter or strong – the bartenders
are set to delight your tastebuds with
distinctive and creative mixes.
Serving creative Asian-
inspired cocktails
PS150 is making waves
amongst nightbirds