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46 | FireFlyz
talks to
YasminHani about her
hosting career and life
outside of work.
The Reel
is not easy being in front of the camera and trying
to connect with an audience that you cannot even
see. In the sea of interesting personalities in our
local entertainment scene, Yasmin Hani stands out
for being relatable with her bubbly presence and
pleasant persona. From big events to television
shows, Hani is one of the most coveted hosts in
Malaysia, with a career spanning more than a decade.
A lot of information on you is available online. What would
you really like to share about yourself?
I come from mixed-parentage background. My father
is English and my mother is Malay. I went to a Chinese
school, but unfortunately, these days I can only count in
Mandarin. I am very outdoorsy and am very hands on.
I have always been like the guy in the family. I always
want to try something new. I have skydived alone, swam
with the dolphins and won second place for the Merdeka
Race. Having a child is the most wonderful thing for me.
How did you first get started in this industry? What would
you consider your big break?
It all started when I was studying in UiTM (University
Teknologi MARA). I was approached by an agent to go
for a casting call for Kelab Disney Malaysia. I co-hosted
four episodes of the show before I was chosen to host Ria
Sentral and Muzik@Ria on Astro that was on air for nine
years. That gig led to more opportunities of doing movies,
theaters and hosting gigs.