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n Jan 12, 2016, the Plenary
Hal l of the Kuala Lumpur
Convention Centre (KLCC)
were filled with the cheers
and joyful shouts of graduates from
Advance Tertiary College (ATC) as the
college celebrates its 26
Over 300 graduates from the institute’s
branches in Kuala Lumpur Penang and
Singapore proudly strode across the
stage with gleaming faces as they re-
ceived their scrolls.
While cameras snapped away, parents
grinned and sighed with relief and lec-
turers proudly applauded, an array of
honorary speakers not only commended
the students for their achievements but
reminded them that the pathway before
themwill be a daunting one.
After the ceremony was done with, and
all the members of the graduating class
had enjoyed their literal and figurative
moment in the spotlight, the attendees
adjourned to the dinner hall to continue
the festivities for the night.
Once everyone had made their way
into the dinner hall, the graduates and
their dedicated lecturers were arranged
together for a class photo, which proved
to be a more complex endeavour than
anticipated, due to the overwhelming
amount of graduates produced by our
fine institution this year. Once the valiant
graduates had been immortalised on
film once more, the graduates broke
away to join their families and dig into a
sumptuous 8-course dinner.
As everyone was enjoying the lovely
dinner ATC also took this opportunity
to recognize outstanding members of
its alumni, who had gone on to achieve
great success in varied fields, bringing
pride and joy not only to the institution,
but the country as well.
Once the awards were truly over and
done with, the graduates and distin-
guished guests were treated to some
amazing performances from the ATC
students, as they savoured the delec-
table courses, having worked up a fine
appetite from an eventful day.
All in all, the entire ATCConvocation 2016
experience was one that is sure to be
fondly remembered by all who attended,
and proved to be a perfect finale to this
chapter in the graduates’ lives before
they embarked onwhatever adventures
life would lead them to next.
Despite the amount of hard work put
in, many of those who claim a diploma
or a degree in this day and age will find
themselves competing, in some sense,
against youngpeoplewhether it is inMa-
laysia or in other countries. Graduates of
ATC however , can rest assured that they
havebeenacademicallynurtured tomeet
the tough and roughwork industries out
there. After all with ATC, you get exactly
what you pay for, as per our motto :
Quality is
a must,
you can
For further information, kindly visit or call us at 1800-88-9292
Dr Danny Choong with ATC’s outstanding Alumni recipients,
Anand Raj, Eric Paulsen, co founder of Lawyers for Liberty and
Karen Cheah, present Secretary of the Malaysian Bar
It Is Not Only About The Scroll