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Do not let frequent or long-term travel have a dampening effect on your fitness and diet.
Here are some top tips for taking care of yourself while on the move.
Fit Travel Not Fat Travel
to relax and let things go, including your efforts
to stay fit and eat well. However, when travelling
for many months at a time or facing frequent
business trips and country hopping, it can be
frustrating to feel your health slide as the fitness
routine gets lost in different times zones and
With a little careful thought and some effort, travel does not
have tomean a health dip and a drop in fitness. Be savvy and you
can save your waistline fromsuffering due to the frequent trips.
Make the most of the facilities
If staying in a hotel or resort, find out what facilities they have for
fitness on site andmake themost of them. Many hotelswill have
gyms or pools, a running track or cycle hire services. Find time in
your schedule for aworkout.
Think outside the box
Findawaytobeactiveeveryday.Thiscan justbetakingamorning
walk, havingadip intheseaorgoingoutdancing intheevening!You
canalsomakeaneffort towalk rather than takinga taxi, choosing
stairs over the lift and even doing a few stretches in your hotel
room. Just keep that bodymovingwhen you can!
Pack smart
Be prepared forwhatever opportunity youmight get during your
trip toexercisebyhaving the right gearwithyou–trainers, sports
clothes and a swimsuit
Plan a work-out
Therearemanyonlineresourcesthatdetail somesimplestretches
and exercises that can be done in small spaces like a hotel room.
Learn a short routine and try to do it each morning or evening
when travelling.
Makesureyoudrinkplentyofwaterwhenyouareonthemove, as
flying can dehydrate you and your destinationsmay be hot ones.
Try to limit your alcohol intake aswell.
Buffet control
Hotel breakfastbuffetscanbemanytravellers’Achillesheels–one
or two big breakfasts are fine, but too many and your waistline
will suffer. Try to be sensible and eat only as much as you would
normally have at home, limiting yourself to just one visit to the
eggs, cereals, fruits, vegetables, saladsandwholegraintoast.Avoid
fried foods, croissants and pastries, and heavy, rich curries.