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FireFlyz | 71
It Reel
Life isallaboutstartinganewandembarkingoncountless
journeys. This month’s movies selections will teach us a
thingor twoabout life’sadventure.
Alice Through The Looking Glass
Release Date: July 6
Language: English
The famous fable gets another Hollywood
treatment with a cast of A-listers. This time
Alice finds new adventures inWonderland but
notwithout facinganewvillainplayedbySacha
Baron Cohen as Time. Johnny Depp returns to
play the Mad Hatter, but this time his father
Zanik Hightopp (Rhys Ifans) is introduced.
The Boss
Release Date: June 30
Language: English
Michelle Darnell is an industrial titan who was
sent to prison after she was convicted for
insider trading. When she is ready to start
over by rebranding herself as America`s latest
sweetheart, not everyone who has become
thevictimof her trickery is ready to forgive and
forget her past.
Central Intelligence
Release Date: June 16
Language: English
A lethal CIA agent (Dwayne Johnson)
and his former schoolmate (Kevin Hart)
encounter shootouts, double-crosses
andespionagewhileonatop-secret case
in this comedy.
The Legend of Tarzan
Release Date: June 30
Language: English
Tarzanescapes the junglewhereheonce
lived into a normal life away from the
wilderness, living a civilised existence
as John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke, with
his wife, Jane Porter, are asked to travel
to Congo to serve as a trade emissary of
Parliament. Little does he know that he
is part of Belgian Captain Rom`s plan to
exact his greed and revenge.
Ice Age: Collision Course
Release Date: July 7 | Language: English
Thefifth instalment of thehit animation franchise revolvesaroundScrat’s
pursuit of the elusive acorn, which takes him into the universewhere he
accidentallysetsoffaseriesof cosmicevents that transformandthreaten
the IceAgeWorld. Inorder tosave themselves, Sid,Manny, Diego, and the
rest of thegangmust leave their home andembarkon a fun-filledquest.
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