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Move bank accounts to take advantage of
perks and earn more interest. If you are
paying a monthly fee for your banking
account, it may be worth your while to do
some research on the offers that other
banks are offering. There are some good
offers out there for new customers.
Turn off unused lights and the television
if you are not in the room. Electricity rates
are not low and you may be surprised at
home much you will save. Change bulbs
to energy saving ones.
Makeyourowngifts insteadofbuyingstuff
fromthe shops. Cookies, soap and freshly
baked bread are things that can be made
fairly easily and cheaply at home. Things
like thesewill makeamazinggifts because
they introduce the personal touch. It is
not some mass produced thing that was
purchased from the shop.
Avoid instant gratification. Try and follow
the 30-day rule. Wait for 30 days before
you decide to purchase something. You
mayfind theurge tobuyhaspassed in that
time and realise that you did not need it in
the first place.
Stop using your credit cards or get rid
of them altogether. If you need one for
emergencies, keep it hidden, so it is “out
of sight, out of mind.”
Do a price comparison with your grocer-
ies. It is easier to keep shopping at the
same place because you know where
everything is, but you may not be getting
the best deal. Pick 10-15 things that you
buy frequently and do a price comparison
with other grocery stores.
Avoid stress-spending. It is easy to justify
spendingmoney just towind down froma
stressful day at work. However, it’s rarely
a good idea. Instead of buying things you
don’t need to make yourself feel better,
it might be wise to find other ways to
de-stress instead.
Many of us live
from pay cheque to
pay cheque. Though
times are tough, it
is important that
something is put
away to helpwith
any unforeseen
that may arise. It
may be tough, but
it is possible. Here
are a fewtips that
may help.
A Rainy Day