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Everything Japanese
June 11 & 12, Pentas 1, Kuala
Lumpur Performing Art Centre
(klpac), Kuala Lumpur
klpac Symphonic
joins hands with the
Tshung TsinWind
(TTWS) to bring you
Everything Japanese
. This tribute
to some of the most talented
Japanese composers will be
conducted by
klpac Symphonic
’s Resident Conductor
Cheryl Mah and Tshung TsinWind
Symphony’s Ho Chee Kiang as
well as two Japanese conductors
Yagisawa Satoshi and Kaminaga
Kazuyasu. From the dramatic
Fanfare: Flight
to the
to the delicate melodies of
Sakura Song
, it will lift you to
great heights and make you fall in
love with wind music. Yagisawa’s
latest work,
Sipadan – Inspiration
fromPeaceful Land
will also be
premiering at the concert. Besides
the main concert, there will also
be an open rehearsal, an exclusive
chamber music masterclass with
Yagisawa and a chamber concert
by five ensembles!
Let It Be Musical - A Celebration of the Music of the Beatles
July 13 - 17, Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Let It Be
is an international musical show that celebrates the music of The
Beatles. The show has already wowed London’sWest end and NewYork’s
Broadway audiences. And it recently completed a five and half week run in the
birthplace of the Beatles, Liverpool, where it enjoyed 5 star reviews and sell
out performances.
Ramadan Raya Series
June 17 - July 3, Central Market Kuala Lumpur
Central Market Kuala Lumpur will be having a vibrant and special
Ramadan Raya
from June 17 until July 3, 2016. Grab the chance to take part in a delightful
Cooking Demonstration
every Friday and spend your night dancing away to
Cultural Dance Performances
on Saturdays, followed bymesmerizing
Ghazal Music
every Sunday.