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Some people say that working
with numbers and figures is boring
and repetitive. Firefly’s Manager of
Finance, Ivan Chuah Chii Ming says
otherwise. His attention to detail is
perfect for the job as all financial
transactions within the company
have to be properly recorded. He
also ensures that the financial
operation of Firefly runs smoothly.
There is no room for error, which is
the greastest challenge of holding
position as important as Chuah’s.
What are your responsibilities as a
Manager of Finance?
My major tasks include preparation
of Financial Reporting during month
close and also reconciliation on cash
and bank transactions. I also liaise with
our Malaysia Airlines Corporate and
Travel Agent on any enquiries of financial
activities. My biggest responsibility is to
ensure all financial transactions are prop-
erly documented according to financial
compliance. Other than that, our finance
team need to ensure the accuracy and
smooth running of the finance operations.
Can you tell us a littlemore about your
I was born and raised in Penang. I decided
to further my studies in Kuala Lumpur
and completed my degree in Bachelor
(Hons) of Financial Engineering. After
that, I joined Firefly as an intern and was
eventually offered a full time position.
What sort of skills and knowledge is
needed for your position?
There are two things, passion and pa-
tience. Most people say accounting and
finance are boring jobs. I do agree that it
is at times. We deal all kind of numbers
on a daily basis. It can be quite boring
sometimes but we still need a clear
mind in order to sort them out. Without
passion, you will feel bored all the time at
work. You will not be able to concentrate
and do your work efficiently. These two
aspects are very important along with ba-
sic knowledge and a decent foundation.
What were you doing prior to being
appointed aManager of Finance?
I was a Junior Executive back then. I was
in charge of costing and accounts payable.
From there, I start to learn and got a better
understanding of what the organisations
activities and operations were like, which
built up my foundation.
Penang boy on holiday
“Experience is the most valuable asset in any kind of job”