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Green tea is a very healthy beverage that has beenwidely used throughout Asia for many
years for its various benefits to health. Studies have suggested that consuming this beverage
may help in the prevention of cancer as well as lowering blood pressure. Here are some of
the other health benefits that may be gained from this drink.
Going Green
Greentea increases themetabolism
and may help in weight loss. The
polyphenol found ingreenteaworks
to intensify levelsof fatoxidationand
the rate at which your body turns
food into calories.
It is said to delay the deterioration
caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkin-
son’s. Studies carried out on mice
showed that green tea protected
brain cells from dying and restored
damaged brain cells.
is said to reduce the the risk of high
blood pressure.
It helps in the reduction of bad cho-
lesterol in the blood and improves
the ratio of bad cholesterol to good
The antioxidants found in green tea
may lower the risk of various types
utes to the development of cancer
and antioxidants can have a protec-
tive effect. Green tea is an excellent
source of powerful antioxidants and
it stands to reason that it can help in
reducing the risk of cancer.
Streptococcusmutans istheharmful
bacteria that is found in the mouth
tooth decay and cavities. Studies
have shown that the catechins
(a type of natural antioxidant) in
green tea can inhibit the growth of
streptococcus mutans. Green tea
consumption is associated with
improved dental health and a lower
risk of cavities.
Green tea can apparently also help
withwrinklesandthesignsof aging,
This is because of their antioxidant
and anti-inflammatory activities.