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daily grind of life can get us
down sometimes. Fortunately,
The Daily Grind, located in
Bangsar Village 1 Shopping
Centre, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur,
is a place that will that will lift
your spirits up very quickly
with their selection of gourmet burgers and
their sinful, yet delicious, desserts.
In The Beginning ...
The review started with a taster portion of their
peanut butter shake, which, as a peanut butter
lover, was absolutely delicious and really hit
the spot. Fortunately, it was a small portion,
as a full serving would have been too filling.
First out to try was the
Lamb Meatballs
which is from their ‘Nibbles’ menu. These are
juicy and tender homemade meatballs that are
served with garlic baguette. The perfectly
toasted bread is made for dipping into the
gravy. A delicious starter to whet your
The burgers came out hot and fast
after the starter was cleared. Three of
the best selling gourmet burgers were
chosen for me to try. First up was
Pulled Leef Burger
, one of TDG’s more
creative burgers.
If you are a vegetarian, or just in the mood
for something non-meaty, this is a good one
to try. Made from the ‘pulled’ leaves from a
(jackfruit) and mixed with barbecue
sauce, this burger features a very interesting
spicy, sweet and tangy flavour combination and
TheDailyGrind (TDG) is the place to head to if you
are hungry and feel like having a great burger and
absolutely sinful desserts.
there to sample some of the great offerings that
are on themenu.
Not A
At All
Juicy and tender
lamb meatballs to
get you started